A Commercial for the Knesset

Year of production: 2018

Production: Market Master

Director: Kobie Flashman

The Normal Heart
Tel Aviv LGBT Community Center, 2014

Year of production: 2014

Video: Micky Israeli 

Editing: Yoav Gershon

The Children's Hour
The Goodman Acting School, Be'er Sheva, 2017

A play by: Lillian Hellman 

Year of production: 2016

Filming and Editing: Ram Gil

Three - Trailer

Year of production: 2018

Director and screenplay: Lior Soroka

Editing: Yoav Gershon

DOP: Cesar Birger

Lior Soroka - Showreel

Running Time: 1:35 min 

Editing: Lior soroka

After His Death - Trailer

Year of production: 2017

Director and screenplay: Lior Soroka

DOP: Cesar Birger

A Short Play, Tzavta Tel Aviv, 2012

A play by: Lior Soroka

Year of production: 2013

Staring: Levana Finkelstein, Albert Cohen, Lupo Berkowitz, 

Hana River and Tamara Galoz-Eilay 

Shfuya (Sane)
Teatroneto - A one-person play, 2017

A play by: Ronnie and Arnon Mamman

Year of production: 2017

Video: Gerard Allon

Staring: Alexa Lerner

I Choose to B
Campaign for the Aids Task Force, 2017

Director: Yarin Goren

Year of production: 2017

Lior Soroka

Actor and Theater and Film Director

© 2020 Lior Soroka

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